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One Awesome Multiplication and Division Freebie for 3rd-Grade

You need this multiplication and division freebie, now! Why? Being a teacher can be EXPENSIVE! For that reason, I try to offer freebies that truly add value to classrooms and homeschools. No pressure, just genuine desire to offer standards-based resources that add value.

This operations and algebraic thinking freebie for 3rd-grade math checks all of those boxes! Plus it comes in digital and printable form to accommodate digital learning.

The freebie itself offers enough value that I could charge for it, but I refuse for TWO reasons: 1) I love helping teachers and want to provide them with engaging + quality choices; 2) I do not want a teacher to make an investment on a resource without them knowing if the resource will work for them.

In particular, this freebie is a sneak peak of my Multiplication and Division Mega Bundle.

multiplication and division freebie for 3rd-grade

What's Included in the Multiplication and Division Freebie?

Included in the freebie are task cards pulled from each resource in a five volume mega bundle. For example, Volume 1 includes the multiplication strategies; grouping, arrays, repeated addition, skip counting, and number lines. One task card was pulled from each of those single resources.

Like I said above, most of the free task cards come in printable and digital form. Not all task cards were able to converted into a digital option for online classrooms, but most of them were.

Also, I highly suggest considering the Mega Bundle. You get free updates! That means when I add another resource, upgrade a resource, etc... you will be able to re-download for free as the original purchaser. Plus, you get a $30 discount making each resource in the bundle under $2.

The mega bundle has already had one resource added since the revision of this blog post. YAY!

multiplication and division freebie for 3rd-grade.

How to use the Multiplication and Division Task Card Freebie

I think task cards are often boring and overdone IMHO. I myself have made task cards I am not proud of. However, these task cards offer content rich value to your classroom. 

Consequently, I use the term task card lightly. You can use them for many things. One customer even uses them for exit tickets.

Honestly, I feel that the task cards work best in math centers and rotations. They offer students a short task, problem-solving exercise, or fun activity to accomplish during their math centers. 

The Multiplication and Division Mega Bundle for 3rd-Grade

As stated above, Volume 1 bundle includes; multiplication strategies; grouping, arrays, repeated addition, skip counting, and number lines. Plus it also comes with my #2 best-seller, a multiplication strategies flip book to compliment those task cards.

Multiplication strategies task cards for 3rd-grade.

Volume 1 Bundle

Volume 2 of the amazing mega bundle includes; whole number quotient of whole number word problems, multiplication within 100 word problems, unknown whole numbers in multiplication and division, learning multiples and arithmetic patterns, and multiplication fact cards. As you can see in the photograph below, Volume 2 comes with a multiplication fluency flip book that also happens to be the #1 best-seller in my store right now.

Multiplication and division task card bundle for 3rd-grade

Volume 2 Bundle

In Volume 3, the focus was mostly the properties of multiplication and it comes with the flip book to compliment. This volume also features; whole number quotients of whole numbers, division of unknown factors, fact families, and division fact cards.

3rd-grade multiplication and division task cards with properties of multiplication flip book.

Volume 3 Bundle

Word problems are the focus of Volume 4, especially with the CUBES math strategy flip book. Also included is unknown factors of multiplication and division, multiply and divide within 100, two-step word problems, and arithmetic patterns using the four operations.

Word problem task cards and flip book for 3rd-grade math.

Volume 4 Bundle

Last, but not least is the Volume 5 bundle. This bundle includes; multiplication wheels, division mazes, school-themed multiplication color-by-number, school-themed division color-by-number, division facts, and multiplication facts task cards.

This bundle is the fun review bundle. Though, I'm sure you guessed that by it's contents. Volume 5 comes with a division fact fluency flip book.

Multiplication and division task cards and division fluency flip book.

Volume 5 Bundle

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I know, I've been there... Students love to come into all the surprises left on their desks at back-to-school night, etc... But... It can be expensive! This flip book is FREE with no strings! Plus, the math terms tab and the name are editable! YEP! For free + editable features!  

multiplication and division freebie for 3rd-grade


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