July 7

The Back-to-School Math Freebie You Need Now


Are you looking for an awesome back-to-school resource to leave on your student desks on the first day? Well, here is the back-to-school math freebie you need now!

I know, I've been there... Students love to come into all the surprises left on their desks at back-to-school night, etc... But... It can be expensive! This flip book is FREE with no strings! Plus, the math terms tab and the name are editable! YEP! For free + editable features!  

Back-to-School Reference Tool

The back-to-school freebie math flip book is recommended for 3rd-grade, but can most likely be used in 2nd-grade or 4th-grade as well.

Soooo. What does it cover you ask?

Well, the flip book includes a 100's chart, place value to millions chart, Multiplication chart, editable math terms page, and a page for writing notes specific to your math class.

Read more about why I included a 100's chart.

Back-to-school math survival flip book with place value to millions chart.

Most of my color-by-number worksheets ask students to find the product within a range of numbers. Personally, I think it is more of a challenge than using the product. Plus, I can use more multiplication facts per worksheet if I compose the worksheets that way. Which means, students don't have to color the same 7 x 3 and 3 x 7 fact blue over and over again.

This is the reasoning behind adding 100's charts - if students need a little more intervention they will have it available in this flip book.

If these color-by-numbers sound interesting, I have free worksheets in my TPT store or you can sign up for this freebie here. 

The freebies in my TPT store are a little better, but that one is tied to my email newsletter and gets a ton of subscribers. So, I don't want to change it out quite yet. Ya know, try before you buy.

Back-to-school math survival flip book with 100's chart.

Anyhoo, I feel like the 100's charts are a good choice for the flip books. It should be mentioned that 2nd-graders going into 3rd-grade may actually need these charts.

The Whole Bundle for 3rd-Grade Math Flip Books

If you love(d) the flip book you can purchase the entire bundle.

What's included in the bundle:

  • Multiplication Strategies
  • Division Strategies
  • Multiplication Facts 1-10 and 1-12 - EDITABLE VERSIONS
  • Division Facts 1-10
  • CUBES Math Strategy
  • Properties of Multiplication

Back-to-school math survival flip book for the first day of 3rd-grade math.


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