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New 4th of July Math Activities that are Sure to Bring Fireworks


It's summer and kids' heads are in the clouds... to be honest adults' are too. That's why fun "get to" activities are a must to keep students engaged. If you are like me, you are searching for 4th of July math activities that are sure to bring fireworks to your classroom or homeschool?

Well, fun activities that excite students at the very least. Below I did a round up of activities that are must haves for the 4th of July holiday.

4th of July Math Multiplication and Division Activities

So, below are listed a diverse set of Independence Day multiplication and division activities for 3rd-4th-grade math. You can purchase the bundle with ALL the activities or choose individual activities. Let me tell you a little about each activity so you can see if it's for you!

4th of July math activities and trivia worksheets for 3rd-grade and 4th-grade.
4th of July math activities for 3rd-grade and 4th grade.
Patriotic 4th of July math mystery pictures and color-by-number worksheets
4th of July multiplication and division task cards.

If you want to test out my 4th of July freebie head on over to this post now!

Addition and Subtraction Activities

Coming soon!

*These resources have been finished, but not uploaded to my store. So... At the time of this blog post I want to make a space to add the resources, but they are not ready yet. Stay tuned!

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