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10 Multiplication Worksheets for Summer Practice

Whether the summer season for you is 3 months or your school is year round, students still need to practice multiplication fact fluency. Multiplication worksheets are a great way for students to keep their fluency sharp and reduce the learning gap to the next grade. 

Below I have compiled a list of 10 multiplication worksheets for summer practice  + activities that your students or homeschool students will love. They are complete with customer reviews, start ratings, and photographs.

Multiplication Worksheets, Times Tables, & Task Cards

These multiplication worksheets are perfect for 3rd-graders to practice fact fluency over the summer.

4th of July Multiplication

First, I LOVE this 4th of July Multiplication spread! Each resource was specifically developed for summer multiplication fluency practice and have been a big hit! Feedback for this resources has been super helpful!

To keep this post compact and easy-to-read, I won't go into big detail about each of these bundles. You can find the links above or click on the photograph that you want to learn more about.

Oh my goodness! Combining math and history? Yes, please. I really love this resource. It's so original and comprehensive. My students are going to love learning more about the 4th of July while playing and solving problems.

--Happy Customer

This product is so well put together. It's full of so many amazing worksheets for my students to use to practice their multiplication facts!

--Happy Customer

Fact Family Game and Task Cards
Multiplication Games, Color-by-Number, and Mystery Picture Worksheets
Fact Families Worksheets, Task Cards, Color-by-Number, and Mystery Pictures

Summer-Themed Multiplication Activities

The summer-themed multiplication bundle below comes with multiplication fluency worksheets, task cards, and a product game. Purchase the bundle and have it bound (like I did) to keep all the activities together for your kiddo.

It's hot off the press so it does not have feedback as of the date of this blog post. Summer Fun is an a pretty special bundle though, I can vouch for that.

Click on the photograph to download the preview to see what's included. 

Multiplication Task Cards and More...

Next, let me tell you more about task cards. Task cards aren't worksheets per say, BUT they are equally easy to prep and engaging. Unless you're extra like me... I like to print them on card stock + laminate + buy cute containers to store them. 

Let me get to the point. Task cards can be less intimidating for your students because they are dealing with one problem at a time. Students can record their answers on a recording sheet and move to the next task card. 

Also, it is SUPER EASY to differentiate task cards! You can pull out the task cards that are too easy or difficult for your students.

I have listed an AMAZING set of task cards for 3rd-grade math below. Feedback and photographs have been provided for your viewing or you can click on the pics to visit the resource itself.

I can’t seem to pick my jaw up off the floor! This bundle is PERFECTION - it’s absolutely amazing! You are truly an amazing teacher and designer of products. This bundle comes with everything a teacher could need for enhancing multiplication skills! Thank you so much!

--Happy Customer

Wow, this bundle is AMAZING! It has everything you need for multiplication and division practice for the whole year, and I love how engaging the interactive notebook activities are. Thank you for the super useful resource!

--Happy Customer

The Systematic Approach with Multiplication Strategies

In the beginning trying to get students to memorize multiplication facts is not the most successful route to take. Giving students a good base to work off of will generally prove to be more successful in the end. Students need good number sense skills and to truly understand what multiplication means before other activities should be introduced..

How do you start? Equal groups or grouping is the first step you should introduce when using multiplication strategies. Grouping should be followed by arrays, repeated addition, skip counting, and number lines.

Now, why didn't I introduce this resource first? Well, to be honest, I took into consideration that your student has most likely been introduced to the strategies of multiplication before you began to browse for better things. I felt the need though, to fit this in, just in case the reader is super ahead of the game!

Below are photographs of a resource that provides students with an engaging way to practice the 5 strategies of multiplication. The resource is super comprehensive and can also be used as an interactive notebook. With a phone/tablet them it is meant to keep students excited + engaged. This resource is a best seller with great feedback. Check out the photos and read what people are saying!

I could not be more satisfied with this product! It is packed with super engaging resources that my students love and truly learn from! 

Tana W.

satisfied customer

Fantastic!! Such a big hit! Letting other 3rd grade teachers in my building know where they can find it! Thanks!

Karen H.

satisfied customer

These operations and algebraic thinking task cards are for third grade math.