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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Math with More Than Just Candy

Are you a 3rd-grade or 4th-grade math teacher that is looking for a treat to celebrate Valentine's Day math with more than just candy? A treat that is more than just conversation hearts?

Well, these multiplication and division color by number worksheets are the perfect Valentine's Day celebration. Not only will your students practice multiplication and division fluency, but they will have a blast doing so!

Celebrate Valentine's Day Math

These Valentine's Day multiplication and division color-by-number activities are perfect for celebrating the the holiday and treating your students and kids to a fun activity.

More Than Just Conversation Hearts

By the time Valentine's Day rolls around our students and kiddos are pretty sugared up with tempting sweets marketed specifically to our sweet tooth. That's why, as a teacher, I like to celebrate holidays with "get to" type activities.

CBN worksheets are more than just conversation hearts... these worksheets are legitness! Also, they are cute + colorful + engaging! 

Celebrate Valentine's Day Math

Personally, I have sold thousands of these worksheets and the average comment is "my students love these!"

Valentine's Day Math Multiplication Color-by-Numbers

For the Valentine's Day math multiplication color-by-numbers, students are asked to find the product, Then, they find the product in a range of numbers to identify the correct color. 

Why do I ask students to find the product and then find it in a range of numbers?

The simple answer is that I want to promote good mental number sense and arithmetic strategies. I have students solve the multiplication fact sentence and THEN find that product in a range. Instead of just solving the same fact for one color over and over. For example; you won't see 7 x 4 and 4 x 7 for one color.

Get the Valentine's Day Multiplication:

Valentine's Day Math Division Color-by-Numbers

For the Valentine's Day math division color-by-numbers, students are asked to solve a division sentence. Then, they use the quotient to identify the correct color for the space.

You can see the "cuter" version of the color-by-numbers below. Like the multiplication, there is also and "old-school" version that reminds of when I was young.

Get the Valentine's Day Division:

Celebrate Valentine's Day Math

Give Me all the Math Treats, Please!

I got you if you feel like you need all of them! This is me telling you it's okay to do fun things in math!

Celebrate Valentine's Day Math

Like I said above, color-by-number worksheets are a fun "get to" activity to practice fluency. They are perfect for holidays because kids are super excited and need an engaging activity. Plus, you can use them as a "be good day" reward.

Celebrate Valentine's Day Math


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Whether you need multiplication or division, these check all the boxes!


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