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Homeschool Grades: Keeping Grades for One Student


One of the biggest issues that I ran across when I started homeschooling my daughter was the fact that a "normal" grade book, like what I used in the classroom, would not be sufficient for recording her grades. I wanted to keep efficient homeschool grades, but I only needed to keep them for ONE STUDENT.

Even if you have more than one child that you are homeschooling, you probably have a similar issue. Unless you students are in the same grade or same class, you need a grade book that keeps your children's grades separate.

What's the solution? Well, I created editable and printable one-student grade sheets. The grade sheets include 3-subjects per page with 15-days each, including a space for a progress grade. Keeping this progress grade up-to-date will help you not get bogged down at the end of the semester when you are trying to get ALL THE THINGS finished.

Homeschool grades and how to keep them for one student.

Now that you have the record sheet solved, you may be wondering "How many grades should you record per week?"

How Many Grades Should You Record Per Week?

As a classroom teacher I was required to record two grades per week per subject. I generally chose some type of assessment or task that showed student knowledge and growth.

Honestly, you can have as many grades that you want, just make sure they represent a measurement of your child's growth. You don't have to grade everything. Busy work for example... not only do I suggest not grading busy work, I would not recommend using it at all. It's like empty learning calories. Your child does not gain anything from completing the busy work and it basically just wastes time. UNLESS you are using it as a type of reward for your child. Maybe if they have worked hard in a class they can have something fun to do instead of their normal work. I like to use color-by-number worksheets or learning games for good behavior.

Keeping homeschool grades for one student.

What Grading Scale Should You Use?

If your state does not have a set scale that you are required to use, you can choose your own. Check your state homeschool laws here.

If it were me, I would use the grading scale for the school district that you live in. That way when you figure your child's transcript, they will be on the same playing field as their peers.

Homeschool Legal Defense explains in depth more about grading scales and letter grades in this article. HSLDA is a good information source for homeschool parents.

How to do a Transcript for High School Students

TRANSCRIPT!? I have to do a transcript? How do I do a transcript?

I cannot tell you how many times I have had this said to me. DON'T STRESS! The only thing you need to do is keep track of your child's grades. I recommend a transcript service. If you are a member of HSLDA and have homeschool insurance with them, which I highly recommend, you can get their transcript service for a discounted price. If you are not a member it is $24.95 per year and worth every penny. I only purchased this my daughter's senior year because I truly didn't need it before then. I think I only paid around $15 since I am a member.

HSLDA’s Transcript Service

How to do a transcript for high school students.

What if Your Kids are in the Same Grade?

That's GREAT! It will definitely save you time if your children are in the same grade or class. Plus, I created grade sheets to accommodate that situation. They all include 3-subjects and 15-days per page, plus room for a progress grade. Check out the grade sheets if you are in need. 


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