December 15

Creative 3rd-Grade Math Centers to Make Math Fun

I have been on a mission to make creative 3rd-grade math centers to make math fun!

Math centers are a great way for students to apply what they have learned. You can differentiate the centers to what your students need. Though, it's hard to hit every standard and make math centers fun and affordable.

Plus, some of the 3rd-grade standards for math are just hard!

Math Centers that Make Math Fun! 

Anyhoo, I have been on a mission to make math fun! If I would have had a math teacher that truly tried to make math fun, I may not have hated it so much when I was in elementary school.

In my humble math teacher opinion, 3rd-grade math is when the most difficult stuff starts. We start prepping our students for algebra and the terms that go with that. It's just hard! 

Where's the Fun Stuff!

Well, you can get the MEGA BUNDLE that hits every Operations and Algebraic Thinking Standard. The MEGA BUNDLE is heavily discounted at almost 50% off. Also, you can buy the activities in volumes.

Hey, guess what? Each volume comes with a flip book and interactive notebook pockets! This means that once your students are finished, they can store the task cards and flip books in their interactive math notebooks.

The task cards in the bundle are themed upon a phone/tablet, as are the multiplication charts.

Creative 3rd-grade math centers multiplication strategies.

3rd-Grade Math Centers Volume 1:  Multiplication Strategies

First, for volume one you can find the multiplication strategies; grouping, arrays, repeated addition, number lines, and skip counting. The task cards are printable + digital in case you have an online classroom.

Volume 1:  Multiplication Strategies

Creative 3rd-grade math centers multiplication fluency.

3rd-Grade Math Centers Volume 2:  Multiplication Fluency

Next, volume 2 covers multiplication fluency and has a flip book to match. The flip book is editable to change the factors in the order that your curriculum requires.

Volume 2:  Multiplication Fluency

Creative 3rd-grade math centers properties of multiplication and fact families.

3rd-Grade Math Centers Volume 3:  Fact Families and Properties of Multiplication

Third, is volume 3 the fact family and properties of multiplication bundle. This volume comes with the properties of multiplication flip book.

Volume 3:  Fact Families and Properties of Multiplication

Creative 3rd-grade math centers word problems.

3rd-Grade Math Centers Volume 4:  Word Problems

Fourth, this volume is centered around word problems. The CUBES flip book is included with this bundle.

Volume 4:  Word Problems

Creative 3rd-grade math centers division fluency.

3rd-Grade Math Centers Volume 5:  Fun Stuff and Division Fluency

Fifth, last but not least is the fun bundle + division fluency. This bundle is meant to practice what was learned in bundles 1-4 and practice division fluency.

Volume 5:  Fun Stuff and Division Fluency

3rd-grade math centers to make math fun!

Hey teach, you got this! Make math fun!


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I hate it when I invest in something and later feel like what I purchased was not worth what I paid.

Alternately, I love it when I can provide teachers and homeschool parents with quality resources that they can utilize.

For that reason, I compiled a free resource containing ONE task card out of every task card in my MEGA bundle. That way, teachers can try the resource before they make an investment.


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