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Report Cards

Are you a classroom teacher, admistrator, or homeschooling family that needs an effective report cards for your record keeping purposes? I know that I am, and I hate paying for one each year. 

Well, one day I decided to do something about my expensive report card angst and MADE SOME!

They don't have to specifically be used in homeschool, they can be used for classroom purposes too.

There are 2 designs for each school level; Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Click on the pictures below to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store and grab your set! You can use them through your child's entire school experience. 

They are $6 for the set. If you add up how much I have spent on them over the past few years, you will save around $70 after purchasing these!

It is important to save money when you are homeschooling, it gets expensive.

How to print on both sides.
  • Put card-stock in your printer
  • Print the first side.
  • Feed the paper back through by laying it in the tray print side up EXACTLY the way it came out of the printer.
  • Fold down the middle after printing.