5 Strategies for Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is used to describe individuals that fail to realize their own success, potential, or possibilities. Also, impostor syndrome leaves certain people feeling as if they are frauds.

I can speak from experience that impost0r syndrome is a real thing. You can read more about my experience with imposter syndrome in a later post. For now, I want to give you three strategies that I used and still exercise to this day.

Strategy 1: The Important Outcome

First, ask yourself why you want to ____insert action here___. What made you click on this link to this particular article? Is it to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Maybe you want to relieve the stress on your spouse or bring them home from a mundane 9-5 work day. Or, like most people, you want extra cash to go on vacations and tour this beautiful earth God created.

Second, every time you have self-doubt, self-hate, or whatever form your impostor syndrome comes in, remind yourself that the outcome is more important. If your spouse hates their job, what reaction will they have when you provide them the opportunity to quit the miserable and mundane? How will not having to worry about money affect your day-to-day? What kind of amazing experiences will you have traveling?

Practices like these will completely change your drive and outlook on your new endeavor. You will eventually rewire your mind into believing the truth; that you are amazing, successful, and unique. Also, look to the Lord, prayer is always beneficial.

Prayer and the word always help.

Strategy 2:  Stay Away from the Negative

If you think there is someone that will be negative about your business endeavors, do not tell them until you are ready. Really, if you have to, don’t tell anyone but your spouse. I know it seems harsh, but if it will set you back mentally; keep your business plans on a need to know basis.

You do not want someone else’s negativity to regress your mind back into the Imposter Syndrome habits.

Strategy 3:  I Am Not an Expert

Bologna! Trust me, you may feel like there are people out there that know more about your niche, and that may be true, but trust me it should not impact your outlook in a negative way. First, no one has your view and experience on the topic. You are unique!

Second, there are absolutely people out there that know less than you and will appreciate what you bring to the table. If you are any type of teacher-educator, you know there are different types of learners, so embrace this fact.

Again, trust me you do have something to offer. Truly, you only need to change your insufficient outlook to see your amazingness.

Strategy 4:  Knowledge is Power

No, I am not contradicting my last strategy. What I mean is, while you are creating your business, search out professional development. It is very important not to procrastinate on creating your business so don’t use lack of knowledge as an excuse. I talk about this further in strategy 5.

If you are or know a teacher, then you know that they are required a certain amount of professional development hours each year. I also know as a home educator that these days are built into our required school days.

Let’s use my husband as an example. Every time a new combine is released (his profession is John Deere combine/everything mechanic), he is required to attend a school to learn the new features of the combine complete with assessments, etc… Professional development is just part of promoting best practices in business. Think about it like this, if my husband waited to complete every course there is on combines, he would never be able to fix anything. If my husband never takes the courses, he will never learn about the newest advances in combines. There has to be a healthy dose of work and professional development in your business plan.

Knowledge is power.

Strategy 5:  Stop procrastinating

I touched on this in strategy 4. One thing that I want to stress is there is a point you need to stop consuming and start creating. Why? Because the longer you wait to start your business, the less likely you are to begin in the first place.

This truly was my biggest hindrance to starting my business to date. I have a serious obsession with educating myself. When I first realized I wanted to start my own business, I spent way too much time sucking up knowledge, most of which was repetitive.

Before you go on about your daily hoopla, I want to stress the point that there will be times you need to repeat any number of these steps. You AND your business are a work in progress. Knowing your problem and solution will keep your production train chugging.

Please remember this; there is no such thing as failure if you turn them into learning experiences.





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