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How to make Square Thumbnails for Teachers Pay Teachers

I remember starting my journey on Teachers pay Teachers a few years back. It was 2012 and there were virtually no videos to help me on my journey. Plus, I live where you can't get internet. I'm serious... country girl problems. They are trying to put in fiber optics - $140 for 1G - per month. No thanks, that's snail speed, I'll just try to keep using my cell phone as a spotless hot spot. NOT THE POINT!

My point is, I want to help you be the most efficient, tpt'er/teacherpreneur/entrepreneur/teacher author... Well, you get it right. I want to help you START OFF being successful. I don't want you to have as many tears as I did and still kinda do. So, in the video below I show you how to make square thumbnails for Teachers Pay Teachers.


The website I use to create my thumbnails is (not an affiliate). The video takes you through all the steps because honestly, pictures of how to do it will probably not help, I would watch the video. 

Anyhoo, below is a list of the reasons I use Canva to give you an idea if you are a scanner and don't like videos.

  • It is easier to access your pictures.
  • You can see your pictures better, meaning they are all right there in your dashboard.
  • Pictures be can stored directly in Canva and don't need external storage or computer storage space.
  • You can download as pdf, png, transparent png, and jpg.
  • It is super easy to change a photo size.
  • You can edit your photo directly in Canva and don't have to edit before inserting it in to a thumb. 


There are a few things Canva can't do that your other software's can. Below is a short list of a few notable things.

  • It doesn't do shadows or text effects.
  • You can't put color in text with text effects. The text has to be all one color, no cool outlines.
  • You need an internet connection so you can't do it offline.

Thanks for sticking around to the end of the post! Since you did check out on of my freebies.