June 20

Four Spanish Learning Games to Keep Your Kids Busy


School break is here and you want to keep your child's skills sharp. From my teaching perspective I applaud you.

I feel the same way so I rounded up four of my funnest Spanish and English learning games to keep your child busy over school break. They are designed for both English language learners and Spanish language learners.

Los números is a fun themed Súper detective game to get your kids and students engaged in practicing their numbers in Spanish.

Let your child help the Súper detective in matching the correct number with it's Spanish name. You can cut down the amount of numbers they learn at one time, leaving it simple and not overwhelming, because the cards and game-cards are organized in 25 number increments.

I used a cheap personal laminator with card stock and heavy weight lamination sleeves to provide durability to the game. 

Los números is currently only a Spanish learning game, but will soon be updated to both Spanish and English learning game.

La hora is another fun themed Súper detective game that helps your child practice learning time in Spanish. It teaches time by 5-minutes.

Match the correct time in Spanish to the digital clock time. There are several ways you could use this game, but two game cards are included with the game pieces. 

I suggest laminating the game with heavyweight lamination pockets and using velcro type sticky dots to adhere the game pieces to the game cards. 

La hora is currently only a Spanish learning game, but will soon be updated to both Spanish and English learning game.

Las frutas is another Spanish learning game that teaches your child fruit names in both Spanish and English. There are 16 English fruit names and 16 Spanish fruit names to match with adorable little game pieces.

Las frutas was my daughter's favorite game out of all four choices. 

Like the games before, I suggest heavyweight lamination sleeves, card stock, and velcro type dots for efficiency. This step just helps keep track of the game pieces and makes the game last longer.

Game 4:  Los  colores

The last game of the four is Los colores. This game helps your child learn colors in Spanish and English.

The game is in the form of a puzzle, but if you follow the instructions, the game can be used in two different ways.

This is a great bargain for those parents that want there kids to learn Spanish or English over the summer and winter months while school is out.

If you are interested in any of the games above, click on their picture to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store or by clicking HERE.


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