Division Worksheets for the 4th of July

If your school or homeschool is in session this summer, these division worksheets for the 4th of July are the perfect "get to" activity to practice division fact fluency. 

The division mystery picture worksheets are a creative way to celebrate the 4th of July and practice multiplication fluency.

Division worksheets
Division worksheets

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How to Use the Division Worksheets

Personally, I use mystery pictures and color-by-numbers as a good behavior "get to" type activity. The worksheets boost morale and help reinforce fluency.

So, where are useful places to use mystery picture worksheets in your classroom? Below is a list of ideas to help you out:

  • math centers
  • morning work
  • math rotations
  • early finishers
  • good behavior
  • sub tubs
  • before holiday break
  • boost morale with math burnout

Fluency worksheets don't have to be an every day thing, but they do have a place in your classroom.

Read below for what to expect out of these division worksheets for the 4th of July.

Division worksheets
Division worksheets

Division Worksheets

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