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Easter Math Worksheets

The spring and Easter season is here! Check out these Easter math worksheets just for the occasion. They come with task cards and games designed specifically for 3rd grade Mathematics standards. The bundle is GROWING bigger different objectives by the day so grab them now and SAVE! You can also purchase the bundles separately. 

So far the bundles cover two-step word problems using the four operations, using equations with a letter, multiplication and division fact families, and  recognizing fractions as part of a whole, the difference between the numerator and denominator, understand that fractions can be represented on a number line, represent a fraction from 0 to 1, divide fractions into equal parts on a number line.

Third-grade Easter and Spring Math Worksheet and Center Bundle

The Math Bundle for Spring & Easter

The bundle at the time of writing this blog has 3 products. With that said, it will be growing until I start creating resources for summer. You can read in the paragraph above about what objectives the bundle cover or read more about each below. As I update the bundle, I will update this blog post explaining what I added.

Third-grade Easter and Spring Math Worksheet and Center Bundle
Third-grade Easter and Spring Math Worksheet and Center Bundle

Learning Fractions 

The dreaded "F" word. Fractions don't have to be so bad! The fraction bundle comes with worksheets, task cards, and a game. They game (shown in the photos below) is a fraction recognition and matching game. I print the game on heavy paper or card stock, laminate the game on my personal laminator (I have a cheap $30 Scotch laminator), and use hook and loop dots to stick the pieces to the cards. The cards fit perfectly in the 3" by 4" containers from the dollar store.

Third-grade Easter Fraction matching game in colorful containers purchased from the dollar store.

The game cards fit perfectly in these 3" by 4" containers from the dollar store.

The task cards included in the fraction bundle require students to identify the shaded portion of a fraction. I purposely did not theme the task cards or game so that teachers can reuse them throughout the year. You can see the task cards in the photo below.

Third-grade Easter identifying fractions task cards to engage students.

There are 4 worksheets in the fraction bundle as  you can see below. The worksheets cover recognizing fractions as part of a whole, the difference between the numerator and denominator, understand that fractions can be represented on a number line, represent a fraction from 0 to 1, divide fractions into equal parts on a number line .

Third-grade Easter and Spring Math Worksheet and Center Bundle

Last, the fractions bundle aligns with standards 3.NF.A.1, 3.NF.A.2, 3.NF.A.2.A, and 3.NF.A.2.B, but will meet many state and district standards as well. The worksheets are not bogged down with a bunch of repetitive questions. I feel like this is an important feature in a resource because there are only so many hours that we have our students per day and 40 worksheets about fractions is not beneficial. If you have time for 40 fraction worksheets - you need to let the world in on your secret for time management!

JK! Truly though, we don't want to bog our students down with all that busy work either. That is why the bundles come with task cards and games instead of just worksheets or printables.

Multiplication and Division Fact Families

Multiplication and division fact families are one of my things to teach as well as make resources. Alternately, there are also a ton of resources out there for multiplication and division fluency. All each as cute as the next. I am not trying to sell you my resource saying it has this new strategy that no one else has. Nope! What is does have is efficiency and affordability. You don't need 50 different worksheets to teach fluency for multiplication and division, though there are enough out there. 

There are five worksheets in the bundle and a set of missing factor task cards. They touch on the things you need for this standard and add a little spring to your class without costing you a small fortune for 50 worksheets you won't use.

Third-grade Easter and Spring Math Worksheet and Center Bundle
Third-grade Easter two-step word problem task cards stored in an affordable photo box.

Two-Step Word Problems and Equations

The two-step word problem bundle comes with worksheets and task cards to get students ready for algebra. Third-grade is the level  that the objective to represent word problems using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity is introduced. Below are the task cards that help students prepare to compose these word problems. In this case, repetition helps renew the memory files and preps the students to become familiar with these type of problems.

There several AMAZING word problem methods around to reinforce students ability to break down and understand word problems. My personal favorite is the CUBES method. It is not my personal method, so you will have to research that for yourself, but I find it is very beneficial in helping students again, break down the word problems.

Third-grade Easter and Spring Math Worksheet and Center Bundle

Below are four worksheets included in the bundle. There are three with diverse types of two-step word problems using the four operations. Jelly Bean Party and Marshmallow Bunnies (worksheets) would be perfect for a guided math lesson or rotations. Easter Egg Fun is the same kind of two-step word problem worksheet, but it has two word problems that tie in to each other and end up having the same answer. The fourth is a color by number division worksheet to be used for fluency practice or a differentiated option in the case that a teacher needs an option for other students that are not ready for the other three choices.

Third-grade Easter and Spring Math Worksheet and Center Bundle

Last in the bundle are these task cards pictured below. I am a certified mid/level math teacher (means I can teach up to Algebra 2 and Geometry) so I am not blowing smoke when I say it is VERY important to have a strong algebra base for students to struggle less with each consecutive year. Like I said above, 3rd grade is the level in which algebra problems like these are introduced and will just get more difficult each school year.

The standard requires the word problems be composed using letters or variables standing for an unknown quantity. Also, this is where the beginning of the order of operations is introduced. As you can see in the photograph below the task cards include questions representing both objectives. For instance "9 × 9 + 9 =" is an entry level order of operations question. It does not require students to solve parenthesis first or use PEMDAS, but it does get them familiar with multi-step problems.

Third-grade Easter two-step word problem task cards stored in an affordable photo box.

Feel free to click on the photo below to visit the entire bundle and browse my store. I have many more 2nd-4th grade math resources as well as a few Pre-Algebra resources.

--Raven Cruz

Third-grade Easter Math fractions game with multiplication and division task cards in photo boxes for storage.

Photo by Raven Cruz. The task cards from the bundle all fit perfectly in these colorful photo boxes. The game fits in these pretty dollar store boxes.

Multiplication and Division Centers for 3rd Grade

Multiplication and division can be tough! I honestly wish I would have known about multiplication and division centers for 3rd grade sooner! My first few years teaching, I struggled finding quality resources to teach multiplication and division fluency. Teachers Pay Teachers was in the early stages and I found a few free resources to implement.

I gave my students timed test Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I am not dogging on timed tests, merely stating my lack of preparedness for teaching math. Also, I was provided a set of workbooks and textbooks that had a copyright date of 1997. Yeah, my first year teaching was in 2012, so you do the math.

There are two things that I learned about later that truly would have helped me provide a more quality education to my math students in my first two years of teaching. I am SUPER embarrassed to admit what I just shared, but I truly did not know any better.

Which leads me to the two things I wish I would have know about my first year teaching; math centers and guided math. These two things would have CHANGED my math teacher world! 

At the current time I have not made any of my own guided math resources, but I have been working on things to use for math centers.

multiplication task cards for third grade

How I Changed My Math Game

As teachers and home educators it is important to find effective and engaging ways to reinforce multiplication and division fluency outside of timed-worksheets. Math centers are a great way to make multiplication engaging and start building number sense early.

Math centers and math rotations are a type of independent practice with a game, technology, activity, or set of task cards. During this time students have a chance to apply the skills and strategies that they learn during guided practice.

Most teachers are probably familiar with math centers and how to implement them in their classrooms. However, new teachers and home educators that I know don't tend to understand what they are (with the exclusion of a few, especially former teachers).

For that reason, my goal is to encourage more new teachers and home educators to start using math centers in their classroom/home. Also, to provide both teachers and home educators an original and creative multiplication and division resource to use in their math centers. Well, that and offer a few ideas on cute storage ideas. You know, that need to organize is in all of us. It's just an educator thing!

strategies of multiplication task cards on astro brights paper
multiplication wheel task cards

Multiplication and Division Task Cards EVERYWHERE!

No, not really! The photograph truly does look like I have task cards everywhere, though. 

Here, let me give you an overview of what is included in my Operations and Algebraic Thinking Mega Bundle for 3rd-Grade. You can read more about the standards here.

phone themed multiplication charts
multiplication and division within 100

What Comes in the Multiplication and Division Mega Bundle?

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Mega Bundle

  • Strategies of Multiplication Flip Book
  • Multiplication Fact Trackers 
  • Phone-themed Multiplication Charts Task Cards
  • Equal Groups & Multiplication Task Cards
  • Arrays & Multiplication  Task Cards
  • Repeated Addition & Multiplication  Task Cards
  • Skip Counting & Multiplication Task Cards
  • Using Number & Multiplication Lines Task Cards
  • Multiplication Fluency Task Cards 1-10 or 1-12
  • Multiplication Fluency Flip Book Facts 1-10
  • Interpreting Whole Number Quotients Task Cards
  • Multiplication Within 100 Word Problems Task Cards
  • Determining Unknown Whole Numbers in Multiplication and Division Task Cards
  • Arithmetic Patterns Task Cards
  • Properties of Multiplication Flip Book
  • Properties of Multiplication Interactive Notebook & Task Cards
  • Division of Unknown Factors Task Cards
  • Fact Families Task Cards
  • Division Fluency Task Cards
  • C.U.B.E.S. Math Strategy Flip Book
  • Multiplication and Divide Within 100 Task Cards
  • Two-Step Word Problems and Equations Task Cards
  • Identifying Arithmetic Patterns Task Cards
  • Multiplication Wheel Task Card
  • Division Quotient Maze Task Cards
  • School-themed Multiplication Color-by-Number Task Cards
  • School-themed Division Color-by-Number Task Cards
properties of multiplication task cards and interactive notebook
division task cards
two-step word problem task cards
arithmetic pattern task cards for 3rd grade

What Objectives do the Task Cards Cover?

Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division.

  • Interpreting products of whole numbers.
  • Interpreting whole-number quotients of whole numbers.
  • Using multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems in situations involving equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities.
  • Determining the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers.

Understand properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division.

  • Applying properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide.
  • Understanding division as an unknown-factor problem.

Multiply and divide within 100.

  • Fluently multiplying and dividing within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division.

Solve problems involving the four operations, and identify and explain patterns in arithmetic.

  • Solving two-step word problems using the four operations. 
  • Identifying arithmetic patterns, and explaining them using properties of operations. 
multiplication fluency flip book 3rd grade
math flip book bundle for third grade
color-by-number multiplication task card 3rd grades
color-by-number division task cards 3rd grade

I Love Teacher Storage!

Most noteworthy, you can see from the photographs above, I use photo boxes to store my task cards. This helps me keep my task cards organized in order of what I will use next. I personally use the cases from Michael's to store the photo boxes. Now, my task cards are organized and easily tuck away when I don't need them.

My smaller sets of task cards fit perfectly in these Dollar Tree lock boxes.

Storage is not TRULY pertinent to this blog post, but I love to share my knowledge and PLUS, everyone asks me what I am using in my photographs.
convenient task card containers
convenient task card containers for multiplication
Last, if you are interested in multiplication and division, you will also like this article.

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