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Place Value Activities for the Creative Teacher

If you are reading this blog article then you are probably searching for a creative approach to teaching place value. I should note that not all teaching opportunities need to start with major prep and stress. We as teachers need to simplify where we can. Right?

Well, I truly believe that is so, but also feel that we need to add a little spice to our lessons. This is one thing I strive to do and hope that you do as well. I have set out to make learning more fun and I hope you stick around to see one of the things that I developed to practice, reinforce, use for intervention, or to simply compliment your already awesome place value lesson.

Place Value Charts are Nothing New

I know place value charts are nothing new to place value lessons. My intention is not to claim I created place value charts. I have created place value charts that your students will adore and have fun using as well.

The phone/tablet theme will draw them in and boost morale. Your students (kiddos if you teach homeschool) will most likely beg you to use these. You will have to tell them that they have to wait for multiplication so you can whip out the matching multiplication charts.

Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to hundreds. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers
Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to thousands. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers
Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to hundred thousands. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers
Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to millions. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers
Place Value to Hundreds

What's Included:

  • 2-Spinners Ones to Hundreds
  • 2-Spinners 0-9
  • Place Value Charts 2 color choices
  • Numbers to Label Place Value
  • Place Value Cube
Place Value to Thousands

What's Included:

  • 1-Spinner ones to thousands
  • 2 Spinners labeled 0-9
  • Place value charts to thousands
  • Numbers to label place value
  • Place value cube
Place Value to Hundred Thousands

What's Included:

  • 1-Spinner ones to hundred thousands
  • 1-Spinner 0-9
  • Place value charts to hundred thousands
  • Place Value Cube
Place Value to Millions

What's Included:

  • 1-Spinner ones to millions
  • 1 Spinner 0-9
  • Place value charts to millions
  • Place Value Cube

What is Place Value?

What is place value and why do we teach p.v.? Place value is the idea that a number represents a value depending on its location. The reason we teach place value is to help students with things like rounding, regrouping, and addition and subtraction. 

The nutshell version - you will not give your students a good math foundation without implementing strong place value knowledge.

Although this blog post is not to teach you specifically about place value, I want to provide a little background knowledge so you will understand the importance of making your students' learning experience memorable.

Where Can You Find These Awesome Place Value Games?

Click the pictures above to be sent directly to each product. Also, below are some pictures that have been linked to each product.

You can also find my Teachers Pay Teachers store through my SHOP menu tab.

A Sneak Peak into the Products

Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to hundreds. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers
Place Value to the Thousands
Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to thousands. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers
Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to millions. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers #fourthgrade
Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to hundred thousands. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers
Place value can be fun! Use this place value math game to spice up you centers and more. Place value to millions. #placevalue #mathcenters #thirdgrademath #secondgrademath #homeschoolmath #teacherspayteachers #fourthgrade

Thanks for Sticking Around Until the End!

Are you looking for a place value game that will spice up your place value lesson? Maybe you want to boost morale in your elementary math class. This bundle comes with place value to hundreds, place value to thousands, place value to hundred thousands, and place value to millions. #placevalue #centergames #homeschoolmath #secondgrade #thirdgrade #fourthgrade

Since you stuck around until the end, I thought I would tell you about the bundle. It has all four games! Click on the picture above and you can find it for $10! Or go here.

Fall Multiplication Games

Pumpkin Spice is in the air and so is the chanting of math facts. As teachers and homeschoolers we are always looking for fun affordable ways to add quality resources to our teacher arsenal.

Are you looking for fun multiplication games for the fall season?

If so, you have clicked on the right blog post. What's so GREAT about these games? I have composed a list:

  • These games are SUPER simple to prep!
  • Plus, they are easy to differentiate.
  • Candy corn colored multiplication charts are included.
  • The games come in 1-10 fact practice or 1-12 facts.
  • They are SUPER affordable!
  • You can buy in a bundle and SAVE!

Read more about the games below.

Multiplication, Fact Families, and The Bundle

Halloween Multiplication Games and Fall Multiplication Games
Multiplication Fall-Themed Game

Practice multiplication facts 1-10 or 1-12.

What's Included:                                                   1- Facts 1-10 Spinner Game                                 1- Facts 1-12 Spinner Game                                 Candy Corn Colored Multiplication Charts       Candy Corn Spinner Pieces                                                                              

Fact Families Fall-Themed Game

Practice Fact Families 1-10 or 1-12.

What's Included:                                                   1- Facts Families 1-10 Spinner Game                 1- Facts Families 1-12 Spinner Game                 Candy Corn Colored Multiplication Charts       Candy Corn Spinner Pieces    

Multiplication and Fact Families Bundle

Practice multiplication facts and division 1-10 or 1-12.

What's Included:                                                   1- Facts 1-10 Spinner Game                                 1- Facts 1-12 Spinner Game                                 1- Facts Families 1-10 Spinner Game                 1- Facts Families 1-12 Spinner Game                 Candy Corn Colored Multiplication Charts       Candy Corn Spinner Pieces    

Where can you find them?

You can click on the pictures above OR they are available for purchase in my Teacher's Pay Teachers store Raven R Cruz. I have several multiplication resources in my store so check them out!

Thanks for stopping by!

How to make Square Thumbnails for Teachers Pay Teachers

I remember starting my journey on Teachers pay Teachers a few years back. It was 2012 and there were virtually no videos to help me on my journey. Plus, I live where you can't get internet. I'm serious... country girl problems. They are trying to put in fiber optics - $140 for 1G - per month. No thanks, that's snail speed, I'll just try to keep using my cell phone as a spotless hot spot. NOT THE POINT!

My point is, I want to help you be the most efficient, tpt'er/teacherpreneur/entrepreneur/teacher author... Well, you get it right. I want to help you START OFF being successful. I don't want you to have as many tears as I did and still kinda do. So, in the video below I show you how to make square thumbnails for Teachers Pay Teachers.


The website I use to create my thumbnails is (not an affiliate). The video takes you through all the steps because honestly, pictures of how to do it will probably not help, I would watch the video. 

Anyhoo, below is a list of the reasons I use Canva to give you an idea if you are a scanner and don't like videos.

  • It is easier to access your pictures.
  • You can see your pictures better, meaning they are all right there in your dashboard.
  • Pictures be can stored directly in Canva and don't need external storage or computer storage space.
  • You can download as pdf, png, transparent png, and jpg.
  • It is super easy to change a photo size.
  • You can edit your photo directly in Canva and don't have to edit before inserting it in to a thumb. 


There are a few things Canva can't do that your other software's can. Below is a short list of a few notable things.

  • It doesn't do shadows or text effects.
  • You can't put color in text with text effects. The text has to be all one color, no cool outlines.
  • You need an internet connection so you can't do it offline.

Thanks for sticking around to the end of the post! Since you did check out on of my freebies.

Multiplication and Division Centers for 3rd Grade

Multiplication and division can be tough! I honestly wish I would have known about multiplication and division centers for 3rd grade sooner! My first few years teaching, I struggled finding quality resources to teach multiplication and division fluency. Teachers Pay Teachers was in the early stages and I found a few free resources to implement.

I gave my students timed test Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I am not dogging on timed tests, merely stating my lack of preparedness for teaching math. Also, I was provided a set of workbooks and textbooks that had a copyright date of 1997. Yeah, my first year teaching was in 2012, so you do the math.

There are two things that I learned about later that truly would have helped me provide a more quality education to my math students in my first two years of teaching. I am SUPER embarrassed to admit what I just shared, but I truly did not know any better.

Which leads me to the two things I wish I would have know about my first year teaching; math centers and guided math. These two things would have CHANGED my math teacher world! 

At the current time I have not made any of my own guided math resources, but I have been working on things to use for math centers.

multiplication task cards for third grade

How I Changed My Math Game

As teachers and home educators it is important to find effective and engaging ways to reinforce multiplication and division fluency outside of timed-worksheets. Math centers are a great way to make multiplication engaging and start building number sense early.

Math centers and math rotations are a type of independent practice with a game, technology, activity, or set of task cards. During this time students have a chance to apply the skills and strategies that they learn during guided practice.

Most teachers are probably familiar with math centers and how to implement them in their classrooms. However, new teachers and home educators that I know don't tend to understand what they are (with the exclusion of a few, especially former teachers).

For that reason, my goal is to encourage more new teachers and home educators to start using math centers in their classroom/home. Also, to provide both teachers and home educators an original and creative multiplication and division resource to use in their math centers. Well, that and offer a few ideas on cute storage ideas. You know, that need to organize is in all of us. It's just an educator thing!

strategies of multiplication task cards on astro brights paper
multiplication wheel task cards

Multiplication and Division Task Cards EVERYWHERE!

No, not really! The photograph truly does look like I have task cards everywhere, though. 

Here, let me give you an overview of what is included in my Operations and Algebraic Thinking Mega Bundle for 3rd-Grade. You can read more about the standards here.

phone themed multiplication charts
multiplication and division within 100

What Comes in the Multiplication and Division Mega Bundle?

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Mega Bundle

  • Strategies of Multiplication Flip Book
  • Multiplication Fact Trackers 
  • Phone-themed Multiplication Charts Task Cards
  • Equal Groups & Multiplication Task Cards
  • Arrays & Multiplication  Task Cards
  • Repeated Addition & Multiplication  Task Cards
  • Skip Counting & Multiplication Task Cards
  • Using Number & Multiplication Lines Task Cards
  • Multiplication Fluency Task Cards 1-10 or 1-12
  • Multiplication Fluency Flip Book Facts 1-10
  • Interpreting Whole Number Quotients Task Cards
  • Multiplication Within 100 Word Problems Task Cards
  • Determining Unknown Whole Numbers in Multiplication and Division Task Cards
  • Arithmetic Patterns Task Cards
  • Properties of Multiplication Flip Book
  • Properties of Multiplication Interactive Notebook & Task Cards
  • Division of Unknown Factors Task Cards
  • Fact Families Task Cards
  • Division Fluency Task Cards
  • C.U.B.E.S. Math Strategy Flip Book
  • Multiplication and Divide Within 100 Task Cards
  • Two-Step Word Problems and Equations Task Cards
  • Identifying Arithmetic Patterns Task Cards
  • Multiplication Wheel Task Card
  • Division Quotient Maze Task Cards
  • School-themed Multiplication Color-by-Number Task Cards
  • School-themed Division Color-by-Number Task Cards
properties of multiplication task cards and interactive notebook
division task cards
two-step word problem task cards
arithmetic pattern task cards for 3rd grade

What Objectives do the Task Cards Cover?

Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division.

  • Interpreting products of whole numbers.
  • Interpreting whole-number quotients of whole numbers.
  • Using multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems in situations involving equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities.
  • Determining the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers.

Understand properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division.

  • Applying properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide.
  • Understanding division as an unknown-factor problem.

Multiply and divide within 100.

  • Fluently multiplying and dividing within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division.

Solve problems involving the four operations, and identify and explain patterns in arithmetic.

  • Solving two-step word problems using the four operations. 
  • Identifying arithmetic patterns, and explaining them using properties of operations. 
multiplication fluency flip book 3rd grade
math flip book bundle for third grade
color-by-number multiplication task card 3rd grades
color-by-number division task cards 3rd grade

I Love Teacher Storage!

Most noteworthy, you can see from the photographs above, I use photo boxes to store my task cards. This helps me keep my task cards organized in order of what I will use next. I personally use the cases from Michael's to store the photo boxes. Now, my task cards are organized and easily tuck away when I don't need them.

My smaller sets of task cards fit perfectly in these Dollar Tree lock boxes.

Storage is not TRULY pertinent to this blog post, but I love to share my knowledge and PLUS, everyone asks me what I am using in my photographs.
convenient task card containers
convenient task card containers for multiplication
Last, if you are interested in multiplication and division, you will also like this article.

Enter your text here...

Report Cards

Are you a classroom teacher, admistrator, or homeschooling family that needs an effective report cards for your record keeping purposes? I know that I am, and I hate paying for one each year. 

Well, one day I decided to do something about my expensive report card angst and MADE SOME!

They don't have to specifically be used in homeschool, they can be used for classroom purposes too.

There are 2 designs for each school level; Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Click on the pictures below to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store and grab your set! You can use them through your child's entire school experience. 

They are $6 for the set. If you add up how much I have spent on them over the past few years, you will save around $70 after purchasing these!

It is important to save money when you are homeschooling, it gets expensive.

How to print on both sides.
  • Put card-stock in your printer
  • Print the first side.
  • Feed the paper back through by laying it in the tray print side up EXACTLY the way it came out of the printer.
  • Fold down the middle after printing.

United States with Capitals Task Cards

I remember when I was required to memorize the 50 U.S. states. I was in sixth grade. Our class did boring worksheets and had to practice memorizing the locations and capitals of each state. It was SO boring! Plus, I don't remember anything that I learned. 

The 50 US states task cards with QR codes.

Engage with QR Codes

Well, the fact that you are reading this article means you care enough not to inflict your students with the boredom I suffered. So if you are you searching for a fun and engaging United States Geography lesson for you class or homeschool, you came to the right post.

To make your students' learning more engaging and fun I have created fun task cards to help you students and children learn about the 50 U.S. States. The task cards have a significant QR code on each sending your student to an interactive website to learn more about each state. They can even check most of their answers on that site.

I don't think I need to stress how important it is not to bore your students. What are you waiting for? Grab these cards and add them to your curriculum today! 

50 US states task cards with qr codes.
The 50 US states task cards with QR codes.
The 50 US states task cards with QR codes.

Task cards are a great way to reinforce and assess your students. With the addition of the QR codes, these task cards add an interactive quality to further engage your students. As teachers and homeschoolers we all know that interactive and engaging lessons are a must-have in our teaching. Students easily get bored, as did I like I mentioned before so we have to strive as teachers to find something that is interactive and engaging

Don't Take My Word, Take Theirs

"WOW, I love this resource! I feel like I could learn a ton from this even as an adult! "

satisfied customer

"This resource is so much fun!! Students were completely engaged while learning fun facts about each state! Thank you for providing such a well made and easy to implement resource!!"

satisfied customer

I love this! I am looking forward to using this with my 5th graders. Thank you so much! 

satisfied customer

Have I peaked your interest? You can get this task cards in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Four Spanish Learning Games to Keep Your Kids Busy

School break is here and you want to keep your child's skills sharp. From my teaching perspective I applaud you.

I feel the same way so I rounded up four of my funnest Spanish and English learning games to keep your child busy over school break. They are designed for both English language learners and Spanish language learners.

Los números is a fun themed Súper detective game to get your kids and students engaged in practicing their numbers in Spanish.

Let your child help the Súper detective in matching the correct number with it's Spanish name. You can cut down the amount of numbers they learn at one time, leaving it simple and not overwhelming, because the cards and game-cards are organized in 25 number increments.

I used a cheap personal laminator with card stock and heavy weight lamination sleeves to provide durability to the game. 

Los números is currently only a Spanish learning game, but will soon be updated to both Spanish and English learning game.

La hora is another fun themed Súper detective game that helps your child practice learning time in Spanish. It teaches time by 5-minutes.

Match the correct time in Spanish to the digital clock time. There are several ways you could use this game, but two game cards are included with the game pieces. 

I suggest laminating the game with heavyweight lamination pockets and using velcro type sticky dots to adhere the game pieces to the game cards. 

La hora is currently only a Spanish learning game, but will soon be updated to both Spanish and English learning game.

Las frutas is another Spanish learning game that teaches your child fruit names in both Spanish and English. There are 16 English fruit names and 16 Spanish fruit names to match with adorable little game pieces.

Las frutas was my daughter's favorite game out of all four choices. 

Like the games before, I suggest heavyweight lamination sleeves, card stock, and velcro type dots for efficiency. This step just helps keep track of the game pieces and makes the game last longer.

Game 4:  Los  colores

The last game of the four is Los colores. This game helps your child learn colors in Spanish and English.

The game is in the form of a puzzle, but if you follow the instructions, the game can be used in two different ways.

This is a great bargain for those parents that want there kids to learn Spanish or English over the summer and winter months while school is out.

If you are interested in any of the games above, click on their picture to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store or by clicking HERE.