5 Reasons Beginner Bloggers Fail

There are many reasons bloggers can fail, but more often than not, blogs and/or vlogs fail because of the reasons listed below.

5 Reasons Bloggers Fail:

  1. Lack of organization
  2. Not enough time (or so they think)
  3. Lack of motivation
  4. Lack of subject matter knowledge
  5. It is too expensive

Lack of Organization

One of the main issues I have observed, not only in my blogging profession but also my teaching and adult life, is people’s inability to stay organized.

Don’t feel bad if this describes you; being disorganized is not just for the scatter-brained.  Personally, I remember a time when I wondered if I would ever keep up with laundry, all the while my fellow teachers pointed out how organized I was. Ha! Don’t judge, I am much better at housekeeping now.

Anyhoo, next to lack of motivation, lack of organization is the biggest hinderance of success I have witnessed. It takes practice and being intentional about your business and time.

My suggestion:  Be intentional with everything you do. Make a list of everything you want to do that day. Do your best to complete the action before moving on to the next item on the list. I am sure there will be some cases where something is taking too much time or you don’t have everything you need to finish, just skip it and move on. Keep a space designated for work only and make sure it is organized before you go to bed each night. Planners are also good tools to schedule EVERYTHING.

Not Enough Time

I was reading a facebook post the other day, keep in mind this was not a beginning blogger, that roughly stated, “I have cut my blog posts to once a month”. Now, if you are a faithful follower of this blog, your first reaction will probably be utter disappointment. After a few months, you will fill the hole this blog left with a newer shinier blog and forget about the blog you once adored. Out of sight, out of mind.

You see, what is the point of having a blog if you can’t consistently deliver content to your adoring followers. The truth is, being consistent applies to every area of business. For example, the more you post to social media, the more interaction you will have, therefore improving your chances of being organically followed. The more you post on your blog, vlog, etc… the more your posts and videos will come up in searches. It is a simple formula really.

My suggestion:  In the end, if you want to be successful at blogging, you will find the time. Keep a planner and schedule EVERYTHING.

Organization and time management are important for new bloggers.


Lack of Motivation

The next reason for blog failure is lack of motivation. Out of the five problem areas for beginners, I think lack of motivation is the hardest for individuals to overcome. I speak from experience when I say it is really hard to make yourself want to get up and do something productive.

My suggestion:  Nip lack of motivation in the bud, you have to focus on something that you want so badly, you are willing to put issues aside and hustle. Whether it is a miserable 9-5 or you want to take a snazzy vacay, focus on the thing(s) that will make you get up and create that content. It isn’t a brilliant sparkly answer, but if you truly want success bad enough (for whatever reason), you will find a way to make it happen.

Lack of Subject Matter Knowledge

This issue is two-fold. Fold one is the individual truly lacks the knowledge to create a blog about a particular subject. This type of person feels like they know everything there is to know about their niche, but when they start to create content, they realize, “Oh snap! I don’t know as much as I thought”. This problem is easily remedied for obvious reasons, but in case it isn’t obvious to you, educate yourself.

My suggestion:  Educate yourself.

Which leads me to fold two, which is completely opposite from fold one. This fold is when an individual feels like they do not know enough about a subject to create a blog about the topic when in reality they are a walking encyclopedia on the topic. This type of person constantly consumes information to put towards their blog, but never feels like they have enough to start. JUST START ALREADY!

My suggestion:  Just start already!

It is Too Expensive

The fifth reason beginner bloggers fail or fail to start is they feel it is too expensive. I can see how this is an issue as it relates to the tech world. There are a gazillion apps and programs that everyone and their dog suggests you need. Nope, don’t listen.

My suggestion:  Start with the budget version first, then when you become successful you can upgrade to all the bells and whistles later. Plus, you can utilize the free trials that most of these programs offer.

If there is anyone that can truly relate to this issue, it is me. I used money that I saved up in my PayPal account from Swagbucks to purchase my web host and theme for my first blog. I am serious, I really did. Click my link and sign up for Swagbucks here. I know people feel like you can’t make money from those sites, but if you make your goal and second goal every day, it adds up fast. I didn’t do any of the sketchy stuff, just videos, daily poll, some offers, etc… I don’t have as much time for that stuff now, but if you want it bad enough, you will find a way.  I also use Inboxdollars if you want to give it a try. I don’t want to be spammy, but I want to give you the idea if you feel you are out of options.

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